Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The shape of things to come in 2014

It's looking likely that things will get quiet around here over the next few months. This is for the simple reason that I'll be on a different continent from the rest of the L&L crew, and just as importantly, in a completely different timezone.

I'm hoping to maintain some sporadic contact in a couple of ways. One is play-by-email, which I'm thinking of trying out - some of my players seem like they'd fit quite well with less boisterous games, and I'm thinking of running some Cthulhu or general investigative stuff, but leaving out the gunfights and car chases. A more investigation-based, roleplay-heavy (in the sense of "talk about your character") game that doesn't require too many dice rolls that'll break up play by potentially several days apiece. Any tips welcome!

The other thing is that I worked out I can actually run short sessions over Skype, providing I start at 7am and everyone else is willing to play 10-11pm. We'll see! It'd do wonders for my efficiency, I'm sure.

Anyway! I do have a bit of a post backlog to work through, including some draft posts that'll never see the light of day, rather too many game ideas to play with, and several podcasts that need editing up. But you can probably expect things to dry up a lot here. The site will also drift yet further from its origins, as I will no longer be a librarian.

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