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This list was originally meant to be a sticky blogpost, but pages seem a better way of handling that stuff.

I've had this list knocking around for a while now, and thought I might as well slap it up here so I don't lose it, more than anything. What games would you like to get round to? I don't mean systems necessarily, but concepts or types of game you fancy trying. Anything I've missed off this list and really ought to try out?

You may notice a certain Warhammer 40,000 theme. That's largely because I'm quite familiar with the universe and it offers a lot of different play possibilities, whereas a lot of other games tend towards particular niches and haven't given me lots of ideas outside that niche.

Ticked off

  • Hellcats & Hockeysticks - playtested here.
  • Dying Earth - kindly run for us by K, although I'd like to do a little more some time.

Parkour Murder Simulator / From the Shadows

Dan's game of stealthy murder, whenever he feels strong enough to let us break it.

We got to playtest this in 2014. I'd like to try it again after the next development pass. It was interesting and fun, but we were focusing quite hard on the mechanical side and didn't do much in-character roleplay last time.

Working on it


In the stress and fear brought by the ork siege of Mersadie Hive, Adeptus Arbites enforcers must ensure the hive doesn't collapse from within. A pulpy investigative game with touches of Judge Dredd (read: find bad people and shoot them).

I have about 95% of this ready, but need to tighten up my actual playtest scenario. I think the mechanics are pretty sound, but would need to check things like combat to make sure characters are the right level of tough.

Work on Hiatus

Restless Souls

A motley band of Eldar outcasts wander the universe seeking their destinies. Will they fall prey to Slaaneshi hedonism, accept the iron discipline of the Craftworld Paths, lose themselves on the Path of the Outcast, or simply find a cold death out amongst the stars?

I actually have quite a lot of notes on this one, but it got complicated because it feels like it really needs some morality/sanity mechanics. More on this probably later.

The Sound of Music

A bardtastic game for D&D. Ever been puzzled, like me, by the inclusion of a non-archetype class in Dungeons and Dragons whose abilities consist of singing at things that are trying to kill you? I aimed to solve the problem with an entire setting built around Bards. Watch this space.


I kind of have to include this one. I'm waiting for feedback so I can make another pass over the game, or possibly playtest it if it seems playtestable.


There are two rival necromancer-themed systems being developed. Hopefully one or other will make it to beta.

Only War

It's a real game.

Looking for Group

These games aren't exactly stuck in development, but I'm waiting for a group of people who want to play them.

Strawberry Knights Five-Foot Square Apocalypse!

D&D 4E, the JRPG. Suddenly it all makes sense - the limited-use powers, the square-based movement, the improbable names for hitting things with swords.

A Quest of Swords

A generic D&D game that is, in-universe, an underfunded but enthusiastic 80s TV show. Possibly with lasers.

Outward Bounders

See this post.

Blue-skies wishing

Ooh, ooh, Exodites

Dragon-riding Eldar Exodites travel the wilderness, battle monsters and aliens, and defend their ancestral homes from all manner of threats. Basically a D&D game with dragons for horses and laser-infused lances.


The sinister Harlequins travel through Craftworlds, Exodite kingdoms and the horrifying realm of Comorragh, nervously accepted by all splinters of the shattered Eldar race. A high-powered black-ops game with groovy Matrix acrobatics, false identities, probably infiltrating human space and handling some grey-morality objectives.


Rowdy ork pirates careen madly through space wreckin' stuff. A boisterous and silly game of lootin', pillagin' and makin' things up on the fly. Probably use an adapted version of the Only War rules, with each PC playing a Nob leading their mob of boyz.


I like the idea of an Administratum-themed game, but haven't yet got any solid ideas for it.

Fire Warriors

Pretty simple stuff - a lot like Deathwatch, but you're ET in a powered suit with a plasma rifle, and ditch that silly absolute loyalty to the Emperor of Mankind in place of nice sensible benevolent absolute loyalty to the Greater Good. So basically Communist Aliens the FPS.

Burning Down the Hive

Chaos cultists seek to undermine and take over a hive city from within, while evading the attention of gangs, Arbites and eventually Inquisitors. A sneaky, conniving game of skullduggery and lies.

Welcome to the Family

Also, extra bonus game! Tyranids establish a genestealer cult to prey on and corrupt the citizens of an Adeptus Mechanicus research world. A slow-build one-shot with a specific objective: hit enough minor objectives to make your victory inevitable, without getting found out and obliterated by the authorities.

Nite of da Cybork

You were the Nob of the toughest mob of Boyz on planet, until some sneakin' bastard did you over and left you for dead. Morky, but not morky enough. Not when a stray Mad Dok happened across your tattered remains and decided to try an experiment or twenty. You wake up with a new experimental Plasma-Driven Cyber-Everything, more machine than ork, and with just enough juice in the reactor to run riot until dawn. Time to show da boyz what it means to cross da boss.

Possibly not so obvious, but this is a 40K hack for Hell 4 Leather I've been knocking around in my head for a while.


That post-Cthulhu weird fiction game I talked about, which doesn't yet have much resembling a setting or anything to play. I just like the flavour somehow.

Skaven Versus Hitler

I see no way in which this would not be awesome.

Cults of Nyarlathotep

While I don't see any group I'm in ever struggling through a full-length Call of Cthulhu campaign (not least because we like to flit around), I had this idea for hacking Masks into a series of short cult-based adventures with a loose framing device.

Untested systems

  • Traveller - never managed to get round to this, but it looks very fun
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - any game where you can be a ratcatcher sounds promising
  • That one Shannon is writing
  • Cathulhu, because how could I not want to play that?
  • Dinosaurs in Spaaace!, sounds like my kind of campy fun

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