Thursday, 11 September 2014

RPGaDay, day 11

Day 11: Weirdest RPG Owned

Either Grunting or Maid. I haven't played either so I can't guarantee their exact weirdness quotient. I would tend towards Maid on the grounds that Grunting is weird because it's doing something very different from a typical RPG, whereas Maid (from the very small amount I've actually got round to looking at) seems to have some of that intangible something that makes you want to edge away from people at parties.

Also, I feel the need to defend owning Maid, but not Grunting, which suggests Maid is weirder. It sounded like it had interesting mechanics, but I heard dubious things about it between buying and reading, so the reading never really happened. I still have a vague sense that if I read it, it might inspire me either with a fun game, an interesting mechanic, or an idea for hacking it into something I would like to play.

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