Thursday, 11 September 2014

Idle musings on titles

I had a random thought the other night that it would be fun to devise games based on deliberate misunderstandings of the titles of actual games. I am easily pleased, what I can I say?

Hell For Leather - an intense card-based storygame of friendship, hardship and social ostracization in a medieval tannery. Cobweb Games / Prince of Darkness Games

Dogs in the Vineyard - many are bred, few are chosen. The blood of the vine is the blood of life. You are amongst the favoured few assigned to guard your owner's vines, and with them their family's destiny. Protect the vineyards from intrusion by vermin, thieves and saboteurs. Struggle for recognition with the other watchdogs. In ancient Israel or modern France, mediaeval Italy or 22nd-century Australia, grow from whelp to alpha in this immersive game of caninity. D Vincent Baker

Deathwatch - got wood? The life of a beetle ain't easy. With your clutchmates, seek out edible woods and devour them to grow strong. Battle termites, caterpillars, mice and even terrifying woodpeckers. Earn XP, grow additional limbs, mutate, devour the souls of trees, and become a beetle that will see the very end of days. Fantasy Flight Games

Dinosaurs in Spaaaaaace! - in the 23rd century, science knows no masters. The grant is all. Researchers on the space station Eureka engage in constant cut-throat competition for the next precious batch of funding. This intense chess-based game of social combat weaves together gratuitous insult, calculated seduction, stationery theft, all-night reading and nerve-wracking genetic engineering into a tense and action-packed whole. As your researchers grow and change, they may learn patience, friendship, love, and even succeed in the most prestigious of scientific aims: to breed their own zero-G tyrannosaur. Greg Stolze

Feel free to submit your own suggestions.


  1. Lamentations of the Flame Princess: It'll be the Flame Princess's sixteenth birthday soon, and she still doesn't have a boyfriend! Its up to you, as her best friends, to fix her up with the cute new boy who's just arrived at the court!

    All Flesh Must Be Eaten: A short storygame set at a competitive steak-eating contest. Players take the roles of contestants trying to prove their worth by consuming as much grilled cow-meat as possible, while at the same time navigating their personal travails in small-town America.

    C. J Carella's Witchcraft: You play the members of your Church Concerned Citizens' Group. You're very worried about C. J. Carella, who you fear may be associating with quite the wrong sort of people. Why, only last week you saw him wearing eye makeup and listening to some very inappropriate music! It's only a matter of time before this troubled teen starts to dabble in the black arts, and it is vital you bring him back to Jesus.

    1. Well played, sir.

      Honestly I would cheerfully play any of these. I challenge you to mock up a system.