Thelos is the centre of the world: a great island split by jagged mountain ranges.


The duchies of Culchus are (or claim to be) the most sophisticated and advanced of the human realms, and despite some occasional warring between duchies or their city-states, largely peaceful.  The deep forests are home to elven towns, and the two races coexist readily.  Goblin tribes live in the mountains, hunting and scratching a living from the poor land; there are regular clashes and raids along the mountain borders, but much trading as well.  The duchies themselves are collectives or alliances of city-states and manors, bound together by mutual defence, trade agreements and history.  However, skirmishes and civil wars are fairly frequent occurrences, a natural outgrowth of political disputes.  The arid hills of the Fastness of Ophor are under the sway of a powerful sorcerous dynasty, and conflict between them and the duchies is a constant threat.  Several small regions maintain their independence from the Duchies through remoteness, economic power or military strength.

Towns provide for their own defence, with citizens obliged to serve in times of war, and small guard units watch for bandits, smugglers and pirates.  If a serious threat is found, they call on the local Duchess or Duke to send reinforcements.  Though a civilised realm, much of it remains rural and wild, and the hills and forests hide many strange and dangerous beasts.

The border duchies of Phedes and Ipsanes are the most isolated and independent, split from the rest of Culchus by the Arms of Eitris mountain range.  They are more influenced by neighbouring realms, and spared some of the infighting and rivalry that affects the central duchies, though they compete with one another.


The Duchess of Phedes is a pragmatic ruler, and keeps her subject towns on a loose rein of alliance and trade.  A network of agents allows her to quickly and quietly investigate problems, ranging from tax evasion and corruption to banditry or monsters.

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