Wednesday, 12 October 2016

In Brief: Random Wizard Generator for Mages

So I thought I'd knock up a quick Random Wizard Generator for use with Mages: the Awakening because why not? Also I needed to briefly rest my brain from paid work.

How it works:

  1. First, roll 1d6 to determine the Puissance of the Wizard. This has no particular mechanical effect but may guide the GM in portraying the Wizard.
  2. Roll 1d6 and read horizontally across the columns to determine the Tradition from which the Wizard comes. Each Tradition has its own thematic titles and names.
  3. All future rolls are read vertically down the same column.
  4. Roll 1d6 to determine the Title of the Wizard. Not all Traditions bestow Titles.
  5. Roll 1d12 to determine the Name of the Wizard. These are of course only a sample of suitable names.
  6. Roll 1d6 to determine the Epithet of the Wizard. Where a Tradition has two columns of Epithets, roll twice and combine the results into a single Epithet.

Names alternate as traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine in each table, but wizards do just as they please.

Imperial Order of Wizardry Conclave of the High Guild of Truth Seekers Adepts of the Sign Thaumaturgical Cabal New Wave Sorcerers
the auspicious...

Ascendant Crazy
the eminent...

Questor Slim
the marvellous...

Inquisitor Dead
the venerable...

Magister Bad
the perspicacious...

Annunciator Smoking
the ineffable...

Rubricator Weird
Peregrine Actulf
Geraint Guillaume
Amadeus Jimmy
Andromeda Ermengaud Angharad Annabelle
Cecilia Alice
Tobermory Frodwin
Hywel Pascal
Tiberius Fred
Desdemona Osthryth
Branwen Noemie
Paloma Sue
Marmaduke Hrodegang Osian Raoul
Valerian Phil
Esmerelda Gudrun
Myfanwy Gabrielle
Cornelia Zoe
Hildegard Coenwulf Caradog Hilaire
Octavius Ralph
Leonara Osburh
Nerys Yvonne
Aurea Tina
Caspian Walpurgis Islwyn Blanchard
Gnaeus Ted
Jezebel Linveig
Tegan Lucienne
Marcella May
Quasimodo Aelfric
Tristan Sylvestre
Agrippa Neil
Serafina Wynflaed Eluned Marceline
Eliana Terri

Eagle  Rider of the Ninth Eye Midnight Lightning

Dragon  Whisperer of the Four Gates Scarlet Flame

Tiger Caller of the Thousand Stars Emerald Tempest

Serpent Hunter of the Fifth Wind Silver Blade

Phoenix Master of the Seven Syllables Diamond Anthem

Griffon Slayer of the Eight Secrets Dusk Wrath

For example, you might roll up the mighty archmage (Puissance 6) of the Imperial Tradition (1), The Perspicacious (5) Caspian (9), or the middling sorcerer (Puissance 3) of the Thaumaturgical Cabal (5), Questor (5) Eliana (12), or the feeble apprentice (Puissance 1) of the Conclave of the High, Osburh (8) Dragon (2) Slayer (6). Bit of an overreach there, Osburh...

If I get time I will write up a code snippet to handle this, but right now I can't spare the time.

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