Monday, 19 January 2015

More titles

I'm fractious and wanting to be creative, but at the same time, my brain isn't feeling up for it. So I settled on busywork instead. Remember the titles thing? Let's do that again.

Misunderstanding White Wolf

Vampire: The Masquerade - Mankind's greatest fear is coming to pass. Maybe... you just aren't cool any more. All-night parties are big business for folks who can't go out in daylight. For those wanting a shot at the limelight, event management is where it's at, and has been for centuries. Still, troubling modern trends are creeping in, and centenarian whippersnappers are starting to turn their sparkly noses up at nine-course banquets and pavanes. In this tense game of personal stress and mid-afterlife-crisis, PCs battle to maintain their hold on the entertainment world at a time of rapid change. Partnerships are made and broken, deals sabotaged, prices undercut. There is no victory in vampire business, only a temporary prosperity before the dawn comes.

Mage: The Awakening - That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons it will need coffee. Running the world's remotest branch of Lie Inn was always going to be a challenge, which is why the PCs were transferred there after various failures. But nobody reckoned on magic. In truth, the main clientele for Lie Inn No. 666 are travelling sorcerers in need of lodging. Impossible coffees must be brewed, flying tomes kenneled, silken robes spotlessly dry-cleaned at 4am. Above all, breakfast must be served in bed. Providing wake-up calls to the past and unicorn bacon will tax the PCs to the full, but every good review offers a tiny scrap of hope for a promotion. This dramatic game of personal failings and petty ambition crushed by capitalism brings real tension all round the table. Last-chance employees battle for personal status and temporary reprieve, or band together to overcome the outrageous demands of their customers - providing they can keep their mutual contempt under control. Features innovative shift-based gameplay and full menus (vegetarian options included).

Mummy: The Resurrection - No-one ever escapes the shadow of their family. You thought you had a firm grip on adulthood; steady job, affordable apartment, even the occasional disastrous date. Then the heavy footsteps came one rainy night, and that midnight pounding at the door, and you learned that even death is no barrier to parental interference. Four hundred miles between you and suburban tedium wasn't enough to keep your dead mother's iron-willed revenant from tracking you down in the big city. Now you must try to hold down your job and avoid gossip while keeping your fly-wreathed parent from screwing your whole life up, yet again. Players must use all their ingenuity to overcome prying landlords, nosy roommates, suspicious bosses and above all, your mother's constant demands that you ask for a raise and invite that nice girl from the funeral parlour over for Sunday lunch. A tense game of exasperation.

Hunter: the Vigil - Patience is the key. Reputation is king in the backwoods, and when the season begins, so does the hunt. Carelessness doesn't bag any deer. In just one day, the PCs must kill enough game to bolster and improve their social standing, while dealing with the intricacies of licencing, truck maintenance and placating impatient spouses. What's more, every hour brings danger, for as the hunt draws to an end, trigger fingers get jumpier. This innovative game covers a single inaction-packed 24 hours, and features a unique Impatience mechanic. An appendix features a rich array of authentic backwoods dialect terminology for immersive gaming. Features four sample storylines for the Storyteller to present.

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