Saturday, 6 September 2014

RPGaDay, day 6

Day 6: Favourite RPG I Never Get To Play

That's a tricky one, because if I never get to play them..? And honestly, I don't really get to play enough of anything. I've still never got to try Grunting or Traveller, both of which sound really fun, and I'm sure I'd like Traveller because I've listened to several hundred hours of it.

Sticking to the details though, perhaps bizarrely, it's going to have to be Pathfinder. Most games we've run in a loose rotation, so there's nothing I've really missed out on playing for ages. D&D 4E still appeals to me as a tactical game with fun stuff to try out and forgiving mechanics, but strictly speaking I don't think it qualifies because I have never actually played a single session of it - I'm the eternal DM.

Pathfinder, on the other hand, I've run precisely two sessions of, but I did also run a companion character due to my players creating a party consisting entirely of clothies. I liked it because it dealt with some stuff that was annoying about D&D 3.5, and added in enough changes to make some things feel genuinely more interesting (wizards vs. sorcerers, for example), while still being familiar enough from my years of playing Icewind Dale II and reading old 3.5 rulebooks that I felt comfortable in the system. I never actually got to play 3.5 at all, because it turns out everyone in my gaming group either a) doesn't really want to learn more than one system, or b) hates 3.5 with a fiery passion.

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