Saturday, 13 September 2014

RPGaDay, day 13

Day 13: Most Memorable Character Death

I'm happy to say I haven't managed either to get my character killed (okay, Neverwinter Nights campaigns notwithstanding, but the engine is brutal) or to kill off any PCs in my own games, so far. The looks of horror on people's faces when I dropped them unconscious were sweet enough nectar for me.

Seriously, I adore my 4E D&D group for how non-mechanically they think about this stuff. It doesn't matter how mechanically difficult it is for a "dying" character to die, it matters that their beloved character is bleeding in an unconscious heap on the floor.

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  1. This is, of course, a complete lie. I now remember that two of my characters were killed in Hell 4 Leather, but seeing as this is the whole point of the game, I don't think it counts.


    Of the two, clearly Evil Hugh Jackman riddled with bullets getting his skull punched out by a burning Nicholas Cage wielding a white-hot melting knuckleduster tops the list.