Sunday, 29 June 2014

Temporary hiatus has begun

For the handful of people who read this blog and don't already know: I'm currently moving house continent, and as such there is a bit of a hiatus in posts. I've been preoccupied with packing the last couple of weeks; I'm currently stowing boxes around my parents' house and spending time with family, which means very little time or energy for thinking about games or editing podcasts. I'll be flying out in a few days, and then starting school in a week's time. Both of these are likely to keep me busy.

I've still got a small buffer of podcasts to go up, but as I like to write accompanying thoughts they probably won't be up that soon. There are also about fifty part-written posts on various subjects, all of which I'd like to get back to, so there's no shortage of material there. Fingers crossed I will be back on the air in mid-July once I've settled down.

A secondary effect of the move is that I'll be essentially gameless on account of being on the opposite side of the planet from my gaming group, which even puts the kibosh on Skype games for the most part. This is likely to cut down on inspiration, although it should be an opportunity to work through that buffer, of course.

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