Monday, 16 December 2013

Monitors: oh look, skills

A slightly tweaked attribute table follows.

Attribute Summary Uses
Agility Perform dextrous feats and avoid physical danger Avoid falling rocks, dodge attacks, jump over chasm, roll under closing bulkhead, sprint through crowd, squeeze through vent, intercept frisbee, ride hoverboard, drive a boat through rapids
Ballistics Shooting, throwing, calculation, analysis Shoot an enemy, throw a stone, determine angle of fire, prep artillery, find cover
Bureaucracy Accounting, bureaucratic procedures, filing, loopholes, organisations, office politics, paperwork, law Spot corruption, exploit procedures, identify appropriate contacts, play officers against each other, apply for grants, forge permits, guess where documentation is kept, interpret jargon, conduct legal case, draw up contracts
Combat Hand-to-hand fighting, with or without weapons Punch, wrestle, kick, headbutt, bite, restrain, stab, bludgeon, disarm
Endurance Perform feats of toughness and tenacity Force-march long distances, swim stormy lakes, remove objects from fire, keep hold of thrashing porcupine, resist disease
Fettle Evaluate, fix, patch or sabotage structures or physical machinery Reroute plumbing, fix weapon, repair fence, fettle engines, cannibalise machinery, patch hulls, reinforce viewports, pick locks, plan demolition, use explosives
Knowledge Knowledge of current events and historical past, archaeology, anthropology Identify obsolete technology, recognise historical figures, identify heraldry, recall political scandal, evaluate ancient sites, identify artefacts, remember cultural taboo, memorise
Medicine Injury, illness, accident, epidemiology, disease, poisons, parasites, drugs Treat poison, treat disease, give vaccinations, stop bleeding, splint a limb, administer painkillers, diagnose insanity, identify medication
Occult Myths, artefacts, magical practices, tomes, sorcerers, spirits Recognise names, perform rituals, identify artefacts, identify a practitioner's traditions, guess intentions
Parley Befriend, bully, startle, bargain, overawe, disdain, bluster, fob off, charm, distress, bluff, empathise, psychoanalyse, impersonate Excuse trespass, impress a crowd, make friends in a pub, bluff past a guard, get a signature, obtain an invitation, avoid a fine, borrow a car, strike bargain, intimidate a thug, detect deceit
Perception See, hear, smell, taste, feel Find spots of blood, recognise repainted car, spot feet under bulging curtain, trace gas leak, detect alien, anticipate chloroform, notice drugged coffee, appreciate wine, detect an intruder, locate a songbird, pick out password, sense vibration, orient yourself
Science Biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, maths... Develop vaccine, identify creature, plot orbit, identify star system, predict volcanic eruption, find secret mine, synthesise chemical, crack code
Stealth Avoidance, discretion and surveillance Lurk in bushes, evade CCTV, disappear into a crowd, walk silently past guard, remove wheels from car full of mobsters without being heard, carry a weapon undetected, hide a vehicle, apply camo makeup, place a bug, make a hidden cache, stash incriminating evidence away from the cleaners, follow a car
Strength Climb, swim, lift, push, drag, wrestle, throw, run Climb a tree, shin along a beam, pull someone back to safety, bend bars, lift gates, escape from sharks
Tech Assembly, software, data, security, theory, personalities, equipment Build server, write program, follow data flows, track hacking attempt, hack system, manipulate photo, use robotic surgery bay, synch with battlecruiser, identify blogger, pilot mech, hotwire vehicle, disable droid
Will Concentration, independence, tenacity and strength of purpose Ignore hunger, stare down aggressors, remain still for long periods, ignore distractions, resist hypnosis, withstand fear

I've reskinned Guns as Ballistics to incorporate the inevitable throwing of things, with any technical issues handled under either Fettle or Tech. This skill can also be used for things like forensic ballistics or finding safe routes under fire.

The three "resistance" attributes of Agility, Endurance and Will have been slightly tweaked to emphasise active uses, rather than passive ones. I don't want these to shut down player options too much, which is a mild concern; "you can't keep concentrating unless you pass Will" is a potential drawback. The basic idea though is that they let you push past normal limits, so it becomes a case of "you would normally X, but you can try to use Y to ignore that". Obviously resisting spells and other effects is one use, but things like slipping through someone's legs, forcing your way through horse nettles or staying absolutely still disguised as a statue to observe a cult meeting are active uses.

I'm strongly considering cutting out Medicine, especially given the short-term injury model I'm using. These activities, where necessary, could be handled under a mixture of Science (diagnose and treat), Perception (notice symptoms), Fettle (first aid) and Knowledge (general information). As it stands I'm not sure there's much immediate use for Medicine, but it's sort of hovering on the brink. Specific medical training could be a Background trait allowing a bonus on medical-related checks.

The Will, Agility and Endurance attributes will be used for resisting the effects of certain spells, basically because I haven't come up with anything better. In some cases another attribute will be used; for example, Perception may counter illusions. Another feature that may potentially end up being used is the creature's remaining Wounds.

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  1. You know, seeing as I apparently have a Strength skill I forgot about, some of those racial traits just got a whole lot easier.