Saturday, 7 December 2013

Gang Aft Agley

I had planned to spend some time this weekend thrashing out the vexed issue of spells and tech, hoping to come up with some concrete proposals for a dozen or so of each to give that cyber-sorcerer feel. As luck would have it, I have mostly spent Saturday not on long (and Monitors-productive) bus journeys to visit friends and family, but slumped on a settee surrounded by tissues and Lemsip, doing nothing more taxing than listening to podcasts with my eyes shut or shuffling across the road to buy milk. My brain isn't really functional enough for any complicated thinking on account of the alien goop that appears to have filled my skull cavity and whose faint, lullabetic humming leaves me nodding drowsily and composing blogposts that sound like I'm on something illegal. With my eyes shut. At least all those years of typing practice are paying off, eh?

Perhaps I'll be feeling better tomorrow. Or perhaps whatever otherwordly entity is currently coccooning in my feeble frame will develop a strong desire to write a silly reptile-based RPG before putting its world-domination plans into motion. Only time will tell.


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well.


  2. You know, in retrospect, this is rather an odd post even by my standards.