Monday, 4 November 2013

Deathwatch: The Price of Hubris, part 09

Contains spoilers for, funnily enough, The Price of Hubris from The Emperor Protects.

As always, be aware that the podcast is not really family-friendly, and features a fair amount of background noise, if that sort of thing bothers you.

The Episode

I know In The Grim Darkness of the Far Future There Is Only War, but I really enjoyed the interacty bits of this scenario. I think partly it's simply because I'm genuinely fond of the setting, and whatever the fluff says you tend to get more chance to bask in a setting when you're not actively fighting stuff, even though fighting appropriate stuff is important to establishing yourself in the setting. Also, at this point we'd mostly been doing non-fighty stuff and so I was quite in the swing of it - whereas the last bit of fighting we'd done was the Diabloslog. Arthur's the kind of DM who gives you a lot of room to dally with NPCs if you want, which I appreciate.

Also, the universe of Warhammer 40,000 is so gleefully on crack that it's enormous fun to interact with. There's something about doing in-character serious things to produce comical OOC results that I very much enjoy.

At the same time, this was clearly gearing up to be our actual mission, and that was a very pleasing prospect. Whereas with the Diablodon we'd had a pretty good idea what was going on (except for surprise boys), in this case I felt like we were walking into more of an unknown quantity, and there was an enjoyable ratcheting up of tension and the expectation of discovering things.

In passing, let me just explain some table chat: as a general rule I mainline tea from waking to bedtime, whereas the others tend to drink fizz and the odd black coffee. Arthur had recently moved house and not finished equipping the place, and so there was a certain amount of (unsuccessful) scraping round to look for ways I could be given tea, as Arthur is a good host and my friends are generally nice helpful people.

Link to Episode 09.

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