Saturday, 21 February 2015

Current projects

Wow, this blog got quiet.

So at the moment I'm juggling a ton of things, which has the unfortunate tendency to translate into not actually finishing anything. For self-flagellation purposes* I'm going to remind myself of some of the major ones.

Obviously, the big one is Monitors. This is fundamentally more-or-less drafted, and I'm weirdly reluctant to take the last few steps that would let me run a playtest. It's less weird when you realise that one of these is writing a playtest scenario. Also, playtesting risks revealing that it's a big fat mess.

I've also been on a bit of a Cthulhu binge recently. I have one Gaslight scenario ready for playtesting, entitled The Perishing of Sir Ashby Phipps. I have a modern-day scenario that feels like a solid core, but really needs some sensible hooks and more working out of concrete manifestations of narrative weirdness. I have another modern idea in mind, but very hazy. I'm midway through three (count 'em) rather niche scenarios built around specific premises that I... don't really want to talk about here, because the only people who read this blog are also my vict- players. Sadly, those are also the people I want to talk to to thrash out the missing details. D'oh. And there are about four other ideaas floating around in skeletal form, including bonsai versions of major campaigns that might conceivably be playable with our butterfly-like group. And I'd really like to take the epic scenario I started writing a few years ago, and rebuild it as a setting with a couple of possible scenarios, so that it resembles something playable by mere mortals.

Oh, and I have an Adeptus Arbites system and scenario basically done, just wanting a couple of kinks working out of the plot. So I need to run that.

There are also three actual settings I started working on, once of which (Aftergreen) I've talked about before.

And then recently I mentioned that Jacobeans versus Aliens idea, and now some people are very keen for me to finish it so they can play it. Do you realise how little I know about being a Jacobean?

I wrote that darkness game. I'd quite like to try it. And someone mentioned playing Feckless Wastrels.

I'm also in the middle of several bits of writing, a substantial coding project related to Traveller, and oh, trying to find a job.

Right, well, 頑張ろう I suppose...

*which reminds me that I really want to play Deathwatch again.

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