Monday, 17 December 2012

#7 #6RPGs

Arthur has just drawn my attention to the 7rpgs and #7rpgsrun thing, which seems mildly interesting.

Sadly, my own lists don't even hit seven in total.

Most Played:
1) Neverwinter Nights as a DM'd system for D&D 3.5
=2) Call of Cthulhu, Deathwatch
=4) After Sundown, Monstertown, Dying Earth

Most Run:
1) D&D 4E
2) Call of Cthulhu
3) D&D 3.5 / Pathfinder
4) Hellcats & Hockeysticks

It's worth noting that's a lot less gaming than it may look like. Neverwinter Nights has probably had, oh, thirty sessions over the last couple of years. The joint second Most Played tabletop games reach, I think, five sessions apiece. The others got a single session of play. For what it's worth, After Sundown was a playtest with some mates, and Monstertown was an ad-hoc test of a work-in-progress. So I can't really count any of those as games I've really got the measure of; in fact it seems a bit cheeky including them at all.

Meanwhile, I've run not quite an entire 4E D&D module, three Call of Cthulhu scenarios and two in PF/3.5, and playtested H&H once. So it's not like I stick rigidly to a couple of old favourites, I just haven't actually done much gaming.

The dearth of games isn't for want of interest, as the fact that I have two gaming blogs might suggest. A mixture of major scheduling problems, extreme busyness, players moving away and health problems has ended both the D&D campaigns, and put two ongoing Cthulhu games on indefinite hiatus. Deathwatch is technically still underway, though. Thankfully, NWN has provided a reasonably steady dose of gaming, with a nice mix of modules, though it's not quite the same as tabletop.

I'm hoping that next year things will even out, though as I'm likely to be looking for a new job, it may be a forlorn hope. I'm still quite invested in the Cthulhu campaign I'd started, I want to see how Dan's Cthulhu game ends up, there's a lot of orks in need of the Emperor's wrath, and there's so much stuff out there I haven't even tried...

I might have to see if we can get something cheerful and light-hearted going. Between Cthulhu, Deathwatch and some slightly downbeat Pathfinder it's been a little bit grim in tone. Lots of comedy moments along the way, of course, but something deliberately optimistic and brightly coloured might be fun, if I can think of anything...


  1. Dying Earth might help on the cheerful angle because whilst it doesn't take place in an optimistic cosmos it's certainly got the light-hearted and brightly coloured angle going for it.

    1. True true. Also magical hat-bomb hijinks!