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The great island of Thelos is divided into three realms by great mountain ranges, which themselves are home to goblin tribes. It lies in warm seas near the centre of the world, and is a hub of trade and learning.

The Duchies of Culchus

The nation of Culchus is nominally divided into six Duchies, each governed (with varying authority) by a Duchess or Duke and their council of Senators. In practice, the mountains are largely left to the goblins that inhabit them, and in many forested areas the ducal laws have little power over elven communities. Buried at the centre of the nation is the Fastness of Ophor, an insular realm of powerful sorcerers, who have little truck with the Duchies. On the outskirts of the realm are three further exceptions: the Free Towns of Thegras on the mountain coast, the peninsula of Corvones, and the Covenant of Rissilos.


The land of Perag is a troubled place of squabbling principalities, making an uneasy shift from feudal domain to a more stable place of merchant empires and learning.

(I'm aware this map is a lot less pretty than the Culchus one - I will maybe work up a nicer one in the future when I remember how!)

The northlands of Perag

Northern Perag is mountainous and increasingly damp, blending slowly into the goblin realms of Reith. The coastal ports welcome traders from Ceyd, the Outlands and even Norren, but are cut off from the rich produce of more southerly nations. Border tensions with Reith, and squabbling between local powers far from the gaze of the throne, make it a troubled and sometimes dangerous place. There are many wild places where beasts lurk, and lairs of bandits. There are small numbers of dwarves here, mostly visitors on trade missions or companies for hire, but a few have settled or cannot return home.

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