Friday, 13 January 2017

A fleeting insight

As I was deliberately not trying to write anything for the blog tonight, I glanced at my site, and then thought someone somewhere might appreciate a tiny glimpse behind the scenes (I know, I am terribly enigmatic)

For certain parsings of "terribly"...

Right now there are 72 draft posts in my profile. Some of these are not really drafts at all, just a few lines of something I wanted to remember. Some of them will never go anywhere. Quite a few are something I'd vaguely like to develop further but keep getting distracted.

Mostly what happens is one of the following:

  • I read, listen to or discuss something that provokes thought, leading me to start writing a new post rather than finish an old one
  • I begin working on a post, have a tangential thought and explore that instead
  • I begin working on a post, go to do a little research, and end up writing a completely different post
  • In extreme cases, I start writing a post, go to get the link for a post where I previously said something relevant, and either remember that I meant to write a follow-up post or have a new idea inspired by the thing I wrote before

And to be fair, several of the posts there are things like entire campaign settings that are not necessarily well-served by being a blogpost.

Alarmingly, I recently embarked on a concerted effort to cut back that pile, by either finishing posts or discarding them. That's where seven of the last ten posts came from. Unfortunately I have rather a butterfly brain, so my drafts folders tend to replenish themselves just as fast as my scenario seeds list and my reading pile.


  1. I come up with many more campaign ideas than I'm ever going to run.

    One of my tests is: can I come up, off the top of my head, with ten plots I could throw into this setting? If not, maybe it doesn't have the legs that I think it has right now when it's fresh and interesting.

    1. That seems like a good test. I've got to say I don't think I've ever had ten ideas for plots to use in a setting...

      I suspect this partly ties into my Cthulhu post, in that I get quite a few ideas for interesting one-off plots (which generally turn into Cthulhu scenarios) and for the overall feel of a potential campaign setting, but I never really get down to speccing them in detail. Unfortunately I suspect the detail is probably needed to inspire plots.