Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Skint New World

I was listening to Episode 11 of Improvised Radio Theatre with Dice, and was struck with a new D&D premise that I'm going to scrawl down while I can remember it.

The topic that was brought up was economics - specifically, how the gold price crashed in Spain when looted gold was hauled back by the ton from South America, coupled with a remark about how when governments feel hard-up, they tend to cut spending and consider starting a war. This was put into context with the way adventureres haul gold out of dungeons, which should really destablise economies in much the same way. My brain rattled around briefly and then settled on an idea: what does this do for adventurers?

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Distinguishing D&D Alignments

Happy New Year, all!

This year my gaming ambitions are:

  • to playtest at least one of the games I've blogged about here
  • to get back to reading and reviewing Call of Cthulhu scenarios
  • to update this blog a bit more predictably

Over the holidays I stayed with a gaming friend down in Oxford. We ended up playing board games rather than RPGs, but naturally we talked about both quite a lot (in fact, I wrote an entire latter based on discussion of the former - of which more another day).

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Crosspost: Equipment and carry weight for real world adventures

As I've mentioned before, equipment and carrying capacity is something I'm vaguely interested in, at least in games that aim for some level of realism.

Hans of Shooting Dice has just put up a post about likely equipment for a modern-day investigator to carry. It's broadly aimed at Call of Cthulhu characters, but honestly, it's a good starting point for any real-world characters who are relatively ordinary folks.