Monday, 29 December 2014

Operation: ANTIQUARIAN, part two

Our broadcast this evening is a dramatised reading from the archives of the Special Operations Executive. The mission identified as ANTIQUARIAN is being reconstructed from archival materials by Arthur at a dedicated website. Selected highlights will be presented here for the interest of the general public.

For convenience, a brief summary of prior events is presented here. For the detailed account, please visit the archive.

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The mission begins

Network N was a branch of the Special Operations Executive, dedicated to the extraordinary. In the war against the Hun, no stone could be left unturned. Uncanny events must be investigated, strange rumours put to rest, and Jerry's obsession with the occult exploited at every turn. Their commanding officer, known only as N, recruited agents with unusual talents from all sections of society.

The primary agents of Operation: ANTIQUARIAN are Emile Dubois, a French inventor; Patricia Wilberforce, a professional medium; and Douglas Hemsbrook, military doctor. All are experienced in mundane and paranormal operations.

Having established themselves in the occupied village of Saint-Cerneuf-du-Bois, the agents have discovered strange forces present in the local woods. In particular, a strange sonic and gravitational phenomenon presents a recurring mystery.

An airdrop is arranged for the night of June the 9th, bringing Agent Benson of the SOE alongside supplies for the Resistance, but the phenomenon manifests once more with disastrous results. The plane's engines are destroyed, causing it to crash in the woods, while the supplies and Benson are driven off-course and land in the village itself. They recover both with some difficulty, but attract considerable suspicion in the process. ANTIQUARIAN are forced to lie low and repair their cover for several days, until a meeting is called by the partisans.

You can listen to the second episode here.

The series theme is The British Grenadiers (Go Mad), remixed for the occasion by Librarians and Leviathans.

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