Monday, 8 September 2014

The Zoo of Worlds, part 3

You Can't Go Wrong With A Dungeon

This is a scenario dreamed up by Arthur, there are no spoilers here, so listen away as you please. As always, be aware that the podcast is not really family-friendly, if that sort of thing bothers you.

Some episodes feature teasers for upcoming actual plays, after the closing music. Just so you know.

Episode 3

The Episode

This is a pretty busy episode, with a quite nasty fight as well as couple of less violent encounters. I like how, having started with the premise of "meet random monsters and kill them in the face", this adventure is turning out considerably less violent than many games built around more realistic setups. Non-combat skills, rational behaviour and Just Being a Decent Humanoid prove far more effective than waving axes around would have been, as well as probably more interesting. You'd think this was a Teachable Moment or something.

The Replicants were a bit of a tense moment. I do feel like I overused my stealth abilities to some extent, but then there's no point having that stuff if you don't use it, and there's no particular reason to deny a player the abilities they've taken - I'm just not used to being so effective!

Copyright and suchlike

Beyond the Pit is copyright and/or trademark Arion Games, as far as I can tell. The podcast theme music is Vltava from Smetana's Má Vlast as taken from Wikimedia Commons under the CC0 licence. The episode intro is a mashup of the Funhouse theme with In The Hall of the Mountain King. The outro is One-Eyed Maestro, both by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

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