Friday, 26 September 2014

RPGaDay, day 26

Day 26: Coolest character sheet

This is another tricky one, as very often character sheets that look cool are also kind of unwieldy, and I end up tracking down (or making) a more pragmatic version that is more helpful in laying out information or including relevant details. A frequent gripe of mine is when there's no space to list modifiers in modifier-heavy games, so you end up with a final number and no idea how you got there or when it should change.

Another complication is that in a lot of the games I've played, we just used scraps of papar rather than the official character sheets, and often I don't know what the actual character sheet looks like.

I think I might go for Numenera here, for good intentions, although it had its downsides, like being designed for strange American paper. It's pretty. Others are more useful, but you did say "cool".

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