Friday, 19 September 2014

RPGaDay, day 19

Day 19: Favourite Published Adventure

I haven't really played a ton of published scenarios, as we do a lot of semi-improv stuff, and also I hack about any scenarios I personally run unless I'm actually destruct-testing them. I haven't run anything more than once.

I quite enjoyed Wreck Ashore for D&D 3.5 once the players and I had resolved miscommunications (i.e. I'd explained that they were the kind of crown agents who went and dealt with problems, not the kind who sit around at banquets and send for military assistance). That being said, I did substantially rewrite it so the lizardfolk were basically an oppressed minority rather than gullible and vicious lackeys. I kind of want to say A Stony Sleep, but it has some issues at the very start and the very end. Ah, let's go with that anyway.

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