Thursday, 21 August 2014

Demon the Fallen: Preacher Man, 03

Conspiracy Theories

This is a scenario dreamed up by Arthur, there are no spoilers here, so listen away as you please. As always, be aware that the podcast is not really family-friendly, if that sort of thing bothers you. Thankfully, this one is largely free of background noise, though there is some eating.

Episode 3

The Episode

Controversy! It would have been pretty disappointing in a one-shot if something like this didn't happen. Of course, we could have done a lot of social stuff with the conference, although this would have been hampered by the fact that we'd made completely inappropriate characters and did not really have the skills to do social stuff with priests.

In hindsight, I didn't make as much use of Father Rheinhardt as I could have done. He might end up useful in a later game, although our actions towards the end of this game might have faintly raised his suspicions. Just a hunch.

As usual, I ended up playing a character who sneaks around the place digging up information and prying into places. I appreciate, on reflection, that pretty much every character I play on the podcast falls into this category: Shimiel, Brother Nikolai... okay, actually I play two archetypes, the other one being represented by Arvil and Stanley. I should probably work on that.

Copyright and suchlike

Demon: The Fallen is copyright and/or trademark White Wolf Publishing, who I think now belong to some other corporation but I can't be bothered to check right now; Arthur will be cross with me already for my vagueness. The podcast theme music is Vltava from Smetana's Má Vlast as taken from Wikimedia Commons under the CC0 licence. The episode intro and outro are, respectively, an extract from Black Vortex and all of The Descent, both by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.

The hilariously portentous opening passage is read directly from the blurb from Demon: the Fallen, and any mockery should be directed to White Wolf.


  1. You're forgetting your tendency to play religiously-inclined dwarves.

    1. How true! Next time I will be adventurous, and play a religiously-inclined pragmatic Northern dwarf who enjoys solving mysteries.