Wednesday, 23 July 2014

FATE Dixie 2: episode 03, Gunfight at Snake Gulch

More actual play of the FATE Core silly Bravestarr rip-off I ran earlier this year. Contains spoilers for nothing, because I'm not sure you can even do spoilers in FATE.

This episode, we delve into sexual morality in sentient cybernetic horses, and finish the spurious Maglev-company-oppression-based plot with a gunfight full of explosions. What more could anyone want?

Episode 3

The Episode

The scene between the horses was fun, and in a longer-running game I'd be interested to see how that works out, and/or what happens with Silver's wandering eye.

The fight at the camp was okay, but once again I found the mechanics a bit frustrating in terms of actually running an exciting combat, which is a bit of a ding for a system supposedly designed specifically for action-adventure gaming. Quite possibly I'm just doing it wrong, but considering how simple the system is supposed to be, that is itself a problem if they haven't managed to get across clearly how to use their ruleset.

There seem to be quite a few things that are a bit tricky to do, or at least aren't explicitly discussed in the rules, like doing things with no obvious mechanical outcome. This makes the system less suited (I think) to the world-exploring kind of stuff that I tend to like, because doing random bits of research for titbits of info isn't well supported. Similarly, I wasn't sure how to handle sneaking up on the guard on the cliff, and ended up just calling for a couple of random rolls.

On reflection, I should probably have called for a sneaking and/or recon roll to create an advantage against the guard for a future attack, with the proviso that a failed attack or a botched sneak would result in the alarm being raised. Mechanically it would have been basically as difficult as I did ask for, so it's a wash, but I'd have liked to feel confident in it at the time.

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