Saturday, 19 July 2014

FATE Dixie 2: episode 02, Two Robots Ride Into Town

More actual play of the FATE Core silly Bravestarr rip-off I ran earlier this year. Contains spoilers for nothing, because I'm not sure you can even do spoilers in FATE.

This episode, we begin the bits of play that aren't world creation, and I immediately start running into problems. Apologies for the fairly slow progress of the game.

Episode 2

The Episode

I enjoyed the tone of the game from the outset, it's kind of the slightly silly tone that most of my games end up with, only with no need to pretent not to be silly.

As I mention in the after-game segment, one area where FATE Core falls down for me is in guiding the GM towards satisfying encounter design. In this specific case that means combat, because what probably should have been a fun little tussle that the PCs were bound to win was resolved in a single die roll. More broadly, given that similar mechanics are used for everything in FATE, I didn't (and still don't) understand how to set up an encounter that would be interesting as a fight, as a social problem or whatever. The tone of the book strongly leads you towards not using unique PC-level characters except as ultimate antagonists, but also read to me like you shouldn't often be using mid-tier characters either, so the disparity will tend to be very large.

That being said, for a combat resolved in a single die roll this episode sure does go on for a while. Okay, I'm exaggerating - what happens is things move from physical to social combat, followed by some follow-up around town and a lot of mechanics discussion. I hope it's not too tedious.

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