Friday, 9 May 2014

Necromancers: some more magic spheres

Just for interest, I whipped up a few more spheres to see if it would actually work out. Here's a couple of examples; the first might be a druid, the second perhaps some kind of priest or a hermit sorcerer? I dunno, I had a feeling of shininess and (metaphorical) coldness and hardness when I came up with that one, so it felt coherent. A sort of severe, puritan kind of magic that contrasts with the usual chaos and poetry and strangeness of spells.

Forest Earth Weather Beast
Commune Navigate
Sense forest spirits
Speak with earth spirits
Predict weather
Travel safely in storms
Sense animals
Speak with beasts
Evoke Conjure plants Summon earth elementals
Create clay or stone items
Gust of wind
Lightning strike
Summon animals
Manipulate Warp plants
Remove or create paths
Shape earth
Hide tracks
Damage elementals
Change weather Control animals
Assume Take on plantlike traits
Blend into forest
Take on earth traits
Meld into ground or rock
Ignore weather
Take on bestial traits

Light Crystal Metal Cold
Commune Sense light
Speak with light spirits
Scrying orb
Shattering vibrations
Sense metal
Scrying mirror
Navigate by temperature
Scry with ice
Walk on ice
Evoke Glowing lights
Laser bolt
Create crystalline objects
Encase in crystal
Create metal objects
Conjure blade storm
Ice storm
Icy wind
Freeze water
Manipulate Shape, increase or decrease light
Warp glass
Resonate crystals
Shape metal
Command metal elementals
Change temperature
Command ice elementals
Assume Become radiant
Avoid blindness from intense light
Meld into glass
Become crystalline (semi-invisible)
Metallic skin
Meld into metal
Magnetic aura
Icy aura
Ignore cold weather
Avoid heat-seeking animals

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