Monday, 9 September 2013

Deathwatch: The Price of Hubris, part 01

Just about a year ago, I sat down for a Deathwatch game with the usual suspects. I'd recently bought a voice recorder, and we decided we might as well give recording a shot. For various reasons, not much happened for the last year, but I've now finally finished editing the ten-odd hours of material we ended up with, and am inflicting it upon the innocent public.


As you will quickly gather, we have an affectionate but irreverent take on the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The podcast isn't exactly family-friendly, but is more or less canonical. There is swearing, juvenile humour and terrible accents. You have been warned.

We've done some podcasting before, but we were there to play a game rather than record a show, and so it's an ambient recording rather than a tightly-miked production with sound engineers and retakes. There is rattling of dice, and rustling of wrappers, and eating of goujons. Unfortunately, as the first session was played on a hot summer's day, there's also some traffic noise. I've tried to edit these things out where they were particularly objectionable, but of course in many cases noises cropped up at the same time as people talking. On the plus side, there are no dogs!

The podcast contains spoilers for, funnily enough, The Price of Hubris from The Emperor Protects.

The Episode

Three Imperial Fists, freshly promoted to full membership, are sent to a newly-rediscovered world, with orders to investigate some strange murders, persuade the locals to fully accept Imperial rule, and find some suitable new recruits for their Chapter. This episode covers the later stages of character generation, some background and an introduction to the mission.

Link to Episode 01.

We spent a huge amount of time 'shopping', which I offer here as a bonus episode for anyone really interested in that sort of thing.

Link to Episode 01b.

I can't help noticing, on listening to this, that we all very quickly forgot the full details of our armour history, and just kept the basic bonus. I should have been making some calls on when to wear my helmet, which is a pretty serious issue considering the value of armour in this game.


  1. Juuust started listening to this (sorry, got distracted from internets).

    I think I actually have the raw audio stored on my laptop. It's amazing how much more listenable-to this is when it's edited.

    Also, love the intro - what's the background music?

    1. Yeah, it took a while (although I got a lot quicker) but I feel like it was worth it.

      The intro's Vltava from Ma Vlast, by Smetana, one of my all-time favourites, which I'm using as my kind of generic L&L intro to contrast with whatever appropriately-silly music I pick for a particular genre. It was quite fun doing the Very Serious AP introduction too.

      Glad you're enjoying it.