Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Indie Press Revolution

I just wanted to quickly share a shopping story. It's okay, shopping is unlikely to become a major feature of this blog.

I went to Indie Press Revolution to pick up a couple of game PDFs. Specifically Maid and Dinosaurs in Spaaace!, as I've been looking for potential light relief games to run, something maybe easier to get going than the Cthulhu and Pathfinder stuff that's recently ground to a halt. I heard reasonable things about both games, and while I've got some reservations about Maid, it sounds to me like I could probably at least hack up something from the system, even if we don't want to play it RAW.

Trying to set up an account with IPR, I spotted a problem: there's a glitch with their address data, so it includes some UK counties that no longer exist, and is missing a few extant ones. At it happens, I wasn't able to give my address correctly, so I dropped them a line mentioning the issue; I didn't like to set up an inaccurate address, as I've no idea what the legal issues might be for them or me. Overnight, an email came back from the general manager, no less. I won't quote it as I haven't asked permission, but I'll paraphrase.

Don't worry about the website; what can I do for you? He attached a spreadsheet of the current catalogue, in case I was having trouble using the website.

I told him what I was looking for, and that I was quite happy to set up an account if that was okay by him.

No problem, it'll cost this much; you can pay by PayPal or card and I'll set up a Dropbox link.

I agreed.

Here's a link to the files. Here's another link to pay by PayPal.

Everything went smoothly, and I got my games. I was particularly pleased by his sending the file link at the same time as PayPal, which showed a lot of good faith. Okay, it wasn't much money to risk and it'd be a bit of a rubbish scam, but still, nice gesture and it sped up matters for me too. Given that companies (in general) can be a bit inclined to treat customers with suspicion, I appreciate that.

So sure, there was a slight problem with their website, but I'm well impressed with their customer service.

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