Friday, 5 October 2012

Random RPG Generator

During a recent very silly conversation with (inevitably) Dan and Arthur, inspired by random character trait rolling in The Dying Earth, I brought up the idea of an RPG where everything was randomly generated. It's very simple. You just start from scratch, considering and randomly determining each element of the game.

This is a very, very simple version of that. There's plenty of scope for extension; one of the reasons it's still so simple is I got into philosophical quandaries about exactly what category of feature things fell into. Is "mystery" a game genre or sub-genre? Is "sci-fi" a genre or an aesthetic wrapper?

One thing I'd vaguely like to have - but which would be quite a lot of work - is to generate antagonists and approximate goals (or at least, activities) for the game, and have various fields linked so they couldn't produce logically contradictory results. But that would be more work, and maybe a completely random one is more entertaining (and more inspirational). Anyway, have a go and make suggestions. I might expand on it one day.


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